Jul 15 2024


8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

A Cabaret of Gay Disaster

After reminiscing with a childhood friend about our embarrassing discoveries (and deep denials… the hoops we would jump through…) of our queerness, a funny little idea was born. Us musical theatre gays simply hadn’t yet been blessed with anything which accurately portrayed how cringeworthy our existence truly is. Like, who let us do that?! Where were the Gods of Sapphic Desire to guide us when we needed them most? Thus, what was originally a couple of silly songs snowballed into Diary of a Gay Disaster: The Musical!

After almost a year of anticipation, as we continued writing and revamping, the calls for more performances grew louder, drawing us to plan something bigger. Thus, securing a spot at the incredible Edinburgh Fringe with Underbelly was a dream come true—a chance to bring our silly little show to a more global stage. To showcase Diary of a Gay Disaster at the festival is an opportunity to reach many more hearts and expand the challenging conversations around the queer (specifically sapphic) experience. However, such an opportunity comes with its financial realities. To be an artist at the Edinburgh Fringe has never been more expensive, and from securing the venue to covering high costs of accommodation, each aspect of the production requires funding. So here we are, putting on a fundraising cabaret bursting full of all your favourite MT numbers, as well as a few numbers from the show too! Come on down to support queer art and have a laugh on a Monday night.

  • 8 pm Doors Open
  • 8:30 pm Show Starts