“Unique, compelling, weird and varied”

Comedian William Andrews returns to the upstairs space at the Soho Theatre after a nine-year absence from the building. His new show stand-up show, Willy, explores everything from Andrews’ childhood to approaching his forties, his real and fake wives and even how to kill fish “accidentally”. He’s already on the stage as you enter, with a Hovis bread bag adorned on his head and a bendy straw attached like a head-mic.

Andrews is comfortable vocalising anything and everything that comes into his head. The hour-long set is a rollercoaster of tangents that may not all connect but the comic’s charisma sells the show and is an extremely enjoyable and hilarious watch.

Willy, directed by Hamish Macdougall, is more than your standard stand up. Andrews’ absence has clearly shown some growth – he’s gotten married, had a child and matured (to a certain extent) – well, there’s still a large section as to why Calpol now looks suspiciously like semen. Andrews’ is like an excited dog (similar to the video shown near the end of the set) who is excited to be let out to run around, be himself and have fun after years of forced adulthood. His anecdotes are unique, compelling, weird and varied.

More stand-up shows recently have had an element of trauma that becomes the shows main focus – in an attempt to shock the audience. Andrews’ doesn’t go down this route and it’s refreshing to see. He knows what he’s about – well, at least he knows what his comedy is about.


‘WILLY’ finishes it’s run at The Soho Theatre on 13th April.

The last set of tickets can be bought HERE!