“A great night out”

The premise is simple. You don’t come for the plot, nor the production values – you come to watch one member of the cast mess it up for everybody else on stage by being inebriated. After previous productions such as ‘Shitfaced Shakespeare’ were a roaring success, the Shitfaced team turn their focus to a musical production. ‘Oliver With A Twist’ proves to be a winning formula containing a barrel of laughs – even more so than previous productions.

Some may feel that it could be uncomfortable watching a cast member struggle through their lines, choreography and such, but I was unsure who was having a better time – the audience or the cast!
The cast rotate roles and who is the unlucky (or lucky) individual who will be drinking before and during the show – for opening night it was Issy Wroe Wright taking on the title role of Oliver. Her missteps, late-timing and ad-libbing make for a hilarious night.

Katy Baker’s script is strongly wielded to make the most out of the hour and the rest of the cast are great at supporting their boozed-up lead whilst also taking their moments to shine – it is also perfectly hosted by an MC role that makes sure things stay on track.
The audience also feel like they are part of the show with the front row handed musical instruments to play when they feel our lead role is playing their role ‘a little too well’ and the MC hands Oliver a beer. Play responsibly, audience!

Shitfaced Showtime is more of a comedy cabaret than theatrical production and proves to be a great night out.




‘Shitfaced Showtime: Oliver With a Twist’ runs at the Leicester Square Theatre until April 12.