“Enjoy the weirdness”

In a dystopian Britain, we find ourselves as the live audience for a recently taken over TV station, now known as Queertertia TV. Where we meet an array of odd characters who are recreating classic television shows in front of us in the set of a ruined nightclub. They call it club Bizarre. The shows are run by Lady Domina Bizarre (Matthew Baldwin), an intimidatingly unnerving dictator of the station. She keeps Andy Bell’s character, celebrity singer ‘Torsten’ in a cage for a heavily featured section of the Club Bizarre. Meanwhile, Torsten’s lover Daniel (Barney Ashton-Bullock) is trying to free him.

…I know, right? Slightly hard to follow and I believe I’ve gotten most of that correct. In all honesty, Queerteria TV is confusing. Based on an album and a character which Andy Bell has surfaced a few times in the past, its not needed for the audience to have any backstory on the show, but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt. The eclectic album of music, contemporary dancers playing young versions of the lovers and a script that is odder than most cult musicals, Queerteria TV is theatrical marmite.

Performance-wise, Baldwin gives an entertaining and dark performance takes full control of any scene he’s in to keep its storyline on the straight and narrow. Peter Straker plays assistant (?) Rupert who has script in hand most of the time but as it’s referred to a few times, I’m not sure what the purpose of it is but the performance isn’t able to tell us anything of the character.

Our dance ensemble (Tom Mann and William Spencer) add some fresh life into scenes they come into with polished and impressive classic choreography.

Back to the plot, I can’t tell you much more. Queerteria TV is as loud and confusing as the world it has created. However, its consistency in doing so soon brings it audiences to eventually just ‘going with the flow’ and enjoy the weirdness they are seeing in front of them. The best way to describe ‘Queerteria TV’ is to take its first word and consider it an adjective. Or, in reference to the show they’re making, you can also call it ‘bizarre’.

‘QUEERTERIA TV’ is currently on at the Above The Stag Theatre until Apr 28.