“Neon lights, shoulder pads, disco-pop, and some class-A rivalry – it’s niche without being cliché.”

The bitches are back. Bigger, brighter and bitchy-er than before. 

Fresh off their second-place win at the Phoenix Arts Club’s Cabaret Awards 2019, Ricky Hunt and Abby Murphy grace the stage as Cassandra and Cynthia once more. 

Hosting an American television shopping channel, that boasts of items of innovation and feminism, Cassandra and Cynthia have just hit their one-millionth episode! But the big bad producer wants change, and what follows is a dog-eat-dog (pun intended) battle to continue their individual careers. Neon lights, shoulder pads, disco-pop, and some class-A rivalry – it’s niche without being cliché. 

Reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the classic buddy comedy film ‘Twins’, Hunt’s height escalates over Murphy’s. The two use it to their advantage and the physical comedy weaved throughout the show begins from the moment we see them. Matched with pink pop couture jackets, the entire ensemble is aesthetically pleasing. It’s the love child of cult 80s films and the absurdity of classic British comedy. In the bundle of this nostalgic joy lies a freshness that reignites sketch comedy.

Both Hunt and Murphy are incredibly strong performers, their dance background shining through in stylised and polished dance breaks. The clever sound design enables the two to interact with the audience with seamless improvisation. At times their accents can slip but it makes it all the more endearing, and they have complete control of the audience’s attention for the entire duration of the show. 

With sharp wit and zestful energy, the pure joy that the two have on stage creates a contagiously unified laugh fest. Cassandra and Cynthia are the friends you don’t want to be friends with but want to watch forever. 

Currently playing at the Gilded Balloon at Old Tolbooth Market – Bothy, August 1st – 12th, 14th – 25th at 10:30pm. 
Be sure to buy a record on your way out! 

5 Stars

Words: Bridget Sweeney