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Our Sustainability Approach

The Phoenix Arts Club is a member of the Camden Climate Change Alliance, the IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) which gives us access to regular updates including access to COP26, and we follow the guidence set out by Theatre Green book for sustainable productions, including monitoring our carbon footprint and aim of achieving net zero by 2030. You can find details of our sustainability approach below.

We follow the principles of The Theatre Green Book, and are working toward making our Building, Productions and Operations as sustainable as possible. You can find out more about the initiative at https://theatregreenbook.com/

As of September 2020, The Phoenix Arts Club runs on 100% renewably sourced energy. This is a partnership with British Gas Business, and certified by the Carbon Trust.

Our Building

All lighting is LED powered and we use state of the art air filtration units and new extractor fans throughout the space, providing clean air at all times (it is replaced every 12 minutes). We don’t use single use plastics in the venue and we work closely with one of the leading Recycling and Waste Management specialists, First Mile to leave a Greener Footprint.

Our Productions

Where physical theatre sets are used, we try our best to repurpose them into permanent installations within the venue. The majority of our shows are set-less, relying instead on use of projection.

Our People

As a local arts space many of our employees and audience live and work in Camden. We encourage our staff to walking and cycle to work, and provide them with changing facilities, lockers and storage for their bicycles. We also support our staff with flexible working.